What Virtual IT Services offer

Managed Services

We provide flexible and tailored packages for your IT Support needs that meet the demands of your business. Our highly experienced team are focused on providing excellent support.

Flexible Support Plans

Our flexible support plans ensure you are paying for the support you get, with no hidden costs or complicated contracts. We work with you to provide solutions that reduce your reactive support by improving your IT environment.

Monitoring and Management

We use technology to monitor and manage your environment with the utmost efficiencies. We aim to find automated solutions that stop problems from happening and restore services as quickly as possible.


Our pro-active maintenance applies the latest patches, including critical and security patches to ensure your environment is up-to-date. We look for ways to optimise your environment and make the best use of your technology.

Service Desk

Our Service Desk is in Australia and is comprised of highly experienced staff. Our goal is to provide you with access to our team to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Operational Reporting

We want absolute transparency, and with our monthly operational reports, it ensures you have full visibility to what is happening with your IT environment. It has been developed in consultation with IT Managers to provide a succinct overview with the right KPIs.

Professional Services

We deliver IT projects to help your organisation maximise the benefits of technology. Our team works closely with the business to ensure that the defined benefits are delivered.

Cloud Migration

We help our clients find the right cloud solutions for their business and support them through the transition. We look for Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions that are aligned with the business requirements and provide project management services to assist in the transition.

Infrastructure Renewal

As infrastructure ages and requires replacement, we can help organisations make the most of their investment, working with industry-leading technologies and are consistently looking in the market for new disruptions.

Deployment Services

We help our clients in the deployment of technology in their business. Whether that be Data Centre Infrastructure (Servers, Storage, Firewalls, and Routers), Networking (Switches and WiFi) or EndPoint devices (PC, Laptops, Thin Clients), we can ensure minimal business interruption.

Consulting Services

Our consultants have extensive experience across multiple sectors. We work with you to understand business direction and help provide IT Strategies and Roadmaps to ensure your technology is aligned.

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

For organisations that do not have the expertise in-house, we offer a range of packages for our vCIO offering. The primary goal of this service is to help organisations develop IT Strategies and Roadmaps that align their business objectives and their technology direction and resource. We do this through our planning, engagement, reporting, and governance aspects of the service. Security is a consideration in all our recommendations.

Digital Transformation Office

For organisations that have an internal IT team, but they are completely utilised in operational responsibilities, we have a Digitial Transformation Office to help digitise and transform. Our consultants can help define the roadmap or work on executing an existing plan.

IT Review and Assessments

Are you looking for another opinion or perspective? We can help our clients by reviewing their IT environments and providing objective feedback on how they can be improved.

Development Services

We design and implement customised solutions to help your business communicate, collaborate and gather insight across your organisation. We can help you with Intranets and Portals, Forms and Workflows, Document Management Solutions, Websites and Integration Development

SharePoint Intranet

To empower your staff, give them the tools they need to work together collaboratively. With a SharePoint Intranet, you can structure your organisations information, such as policies, forms and templates to create a single place to obtain important organisational information.

Document Workspace

Move your documents into the cloud, take advantage of Microsoft’s SharePoint platform on Office 365. With features like document workflows, versioning, electronic forms and collaborative editing, you can expect to gain efficiency in the way you work.

Development Services

Do you have a software project and need a development team? You may have a website, mobile app, customer portal (extranet) or maybe integration between your ERP, CRM or LOB systems? Virtual IT Services can assist with your software development requirements.